Enterprise Network & Data Storage

Network infrastructures are the backbone of our connected lives and cities. For the past two decades, Reconext’s network service capabilities have proven that used network equipment, accessories and parts can be reused for existing or new markets. We designed our enterprise network and data storage solutions to support critically important Operators, OEMs and Data Centers.

Reconext provides services across the full range of Enterprise Network devices including:

  • Switches, Routers and Access Points
  • Servers
  • Other enterprise IT network equipment

Our circular value recovery process for excess decommissioned network equipment includes parts reclamation and responsible recycling. In fact, all our solutions ensure an end-to-end chain of custody.

For data storage we service:

  • HDDs and SSDs
  • Data Storage Systems

Solutions for this market include logistics and Returned Material Authorization (RMA) management. Objective testing using our internally-developed innovation – Proteus – allows us to determine the functional state of any returned data storage device. We provide ADISA-certified data erasure and comply with all other major standards. Customers can also utilize our solutions for on-site erasure of racks, to facilitate data center decommissioning.

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